The concept of mini-credit seems clear, but what is the new mini-credit? Why this qualifier? You have not missed anything, just try to differentiate between a traditional reduced loan granted by banks and a credit offered by a lender through the Internet. From there, we have seen an entire family of online credit products emerge, all with many factors in common, which distinguish them from traditional loans. The main one is that they rely on the convenience of the digital environment to solve urgent economic problems. How? Through an instant injection of capital for the interested party. See for an illustration

The difference of online credits


Why do we catalog them as snapshots? These products do not require waiting periods or meetings with managers for negotiation. In fast online credits, everything is easier than that. You, as an applicant, do not even have to leave home. Simply fill out the form on the web platform of the credit institution in question to begin the negotiations. A few minutes later, you will receive an acceptance response, or not. If you meet all the requirements and your application is approved, getting the money in your bank account will not be begged. Here the agility of the efforts of the lender with your bank influences, and the average wait to enjoy the money from the mini-loan is about 48 hours.

This absence of delays and delays makes it a quick resource, and the fact of not needing more than a device with an internet connection makes it flexible. It is the first banking product that can be accessed from anywhere, any day and at any time. More flexibility is impossible.

Credit Yes Loan amount € 1 000 I want a loan Vivus Loan amount € 300 I want a loan Currency Loan amount € 5,000 I want a loan

Online mini-credits in figures


Another characteristic of these mini-credits, paying attention to the figures this time, is interest and repayment terms. The former are not especially higher or lower than traditional bank loans, so it is not a more worrying aspect of the account; Even so, we strongly recommend all users to consult these percentages carefully. The latter, speaking of the return deadlines, have a characteristic duration of around 30 calendar days. It is not much, but it is also not a little considering that the quantities that are handled in this type of products are moderate. In case of not arriving on time to pay the fees, there is always the option of an extension.

Gaining ground

The popularity and the roots of online mini-credits are such that more and more Spaniards recognize that they use them. They are even taking the lead in financing with a credit card. Without going any further, debit cards are a preferential alternative to credit cards.

In any case, bank transactions over the Internet are not everyone’s taste. We must understand that we are handling very important personal and financial data, whose privacy is essential to preserve your security. Some clients and users accustomed to traditional banking still do not welcome the move from their bank branch offices to see themselves alone immersed in the digital environment, with figures, euros and percentages to two hands.

We must not forget, despite everything, that online mini-credits have triumphed in Spain because the effectiveness of their service also includes efficient protection and security, thanks to the encryption of personal and bank data of customers, which are good I collect in this new universe that is the network.